Thrilling Monsoon Escapades Awaiting You In Ooty

The long-awaited monsoon is finally here giving us a reprieve from hot summer days. And nature enthusiasts have already packed their backpacks ready for their next adventure amidst green expanses.
If you're looking to experience the raw beauty of nature, then Ooty is the place to be. With its breathtaking waterfalls, mist-veiled mountains, and verdant tea estates this little hill station is nothing short of a paradise during the monsoons.
Read along to know some of the best spots in Ooty for an exhilarating escapade.

Trek to Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak

At 2,637 metres, the Doddabetta peak is the highest point in Ooty, offering you the best views. This trek is perfect for anyone, including beginners, as the trail is a simple one.
The path to the top is well defined, passing through the dense green Shola forests with beautiful winding paths that are lined with rhododendron bushes, colourful wildflowers, and fragrant herbs.
At the top, you will be welcomed with a view that can only be described as mystical.
The clouds hang low like a soft white blanket enveloping the world below leaving you feeling like you are surfing through them. A cup of steaming chai and delicious hot fritters — the perfect accompaniment.
Additionally, one can also view parts of Bandipur National Park, Chamundi Hills, as well as the open grassy plains of Mysore and Coimbatore through the telescope house at the top.

Stay suggestion:

Sherlock, located 6.5 kms from Doddabetta Peak and is close to many popular destinations in Ooty.

Hiking through lush nature trails at Destiny

Hiking 2

With nature looking so alive and fresh it is only fitting that we don our best boots and go out for a hike. With the air feeling a lot fresher and the slight droplets of the drizzling rain dancing on your skin, a hike will leave you feeling cool and refreshed.
Among the many amazing nature trails to hike around in Ooty, one of the best ones can be found at Destiny - The Farm Resort at Avalanche. The farm resort houses two nature trails; one winding through the woods surrounding it, while the other explores the hill tops. You can explore these trails in the company of an expert naturalist, while being relayed interesting tidbits about the surrounding flora and fauna.
Do keep an eye out for interesting avian species within the woods. Hikers have been known to spot the Nilgiri laughingthrush, the Tickell's blue flycatcher, the Grey-headed canary-flycatcher, and other interesting species.

Species image

Stay suggestion:

Destiny - The Farm Resort, where one can also explore a plethora of adventure and farm activities including horse-riding!

Camping by Lake Avalanche

Avalanche Lake

Monsoons are considered the best time to visit the calm, pristine waters of the Avalanche Lake.
Known to have formed out of a landslide in the 1800s, this spot has now grown to be one of the most beloved destinations in Ooty.
Since it is far removed from civilization, the place is engulfed in tranquillity, leaving you feeling calm and allowing you to connect better with yourself. Though the timings to arrive here are between 8 am and 3 pm, you can also set up camp for the night and treat yourself to the stunning view of the mist-clad mountains in the morning. The cool monsoon weather, along with the light drizzle on your skin makes this experience all the more worthwhile.
If you would like to, you can also spend some time fishing in the lake. There is a trout hatchery near the premises from where you can avail fishing gear.

Stay suggestion:

Destiny - The Farm Resort located 8 kms away from Lake Avalanche.
Destiny also offers day camping experiences by the shores of the dam lake in its property with the necessary camping equipment.


So, if you’re looking to experience the best of monsoon verdance then plan your getaway to Ooty and explore the many wonders that await at this quaint little paradise.

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