Four things to look forward to at Destiny

In a world where we are overwhelmed by the deluge of gadgets and stress, vacations have become a necessity to relieve your soul. A getaway from the daily bustle of the concrete jungles has become a mandate. A place where your adventurist soul meets the perfect hideout from the world, awaits you at the Destiny Farm Resort.
It’s no longer a hunt for the scenes when you are out on your vacation. The current trend entails too many activities to keep you engaged and brush away even the slightest inkling of monotony. Keeping in mind the perfect balance between keeping you hooked to the surroundings and maintaining a perfect magnifique that would please your eyes, here are four things to look forward to at the Destiny Farm Resort.

1. Horse riding

Horses are majestic creatures who haven’t always been understood in the way they should have been and yet they have been more intimite to our hearts than we would ever know. Destiny Farm Resort brings you closer to these fascinating creatures under the careful observation of trained professionals. Spanning from horse grooming to horse riding or at times even walking by the side of the horse at the behest of a scarlet sky with the sun bidding its last goodbye, Destiny Farm Resort wants you to be a part of this activity, filling your senses with thrills unprecedented. Guess what, you can even do a professional course on horse-riding. Well, not every day do you get to showcase your flair with horses.

2. Bonfires

Ever since the turn of time and tide, there has always been a growing love for bonfires. Sitting around in a perfect entourage of your friends and family, of acquaintances and strangers, you would always love to soak in the warmth of a bonfire with the perfect beverage in your hands. You may choose to dabble in your long-lost memories with your friends and family or you may simply sing along with your strangers, living a moment that would stay with you for eternity. We at Destiny have come up with the perfect spot for the bonfire that would make you travel through memories that were long lost in time.

3. Adventure Sports

A vacation is always incomplete without thrills and gliding through the heart of endless beauty seamlessly feels like the perfect component to enhance your adrenaline shots. Destiny Farm Resort offers you the perfect view that can you can breathe in while ziplining your way down through a seamless rope. Along with the thrills, it is also a mandate for us that we keep you protected at all costs and hence you slide down swathed in the latest protection gear. It just isn’t ziplining though. Add to this the exciting feature of rock-climbing and you are surging through the dreamland of adventures. If you want, you can even close your eyes and just think about those scenes being exported straight from the silverscreens where your lust for adventure meets the perfect scenic spectacles, ushering you to your dreamland. If you are at Destiny, you simply cannot miss the thrill of these adventure sports coming together under one roof.

4. Fun fishing

With all said and done about adventures and thrills, vacations also star a leisure backdrop and just in case if you are already done with the adrenaline part, fun fishing is a perfect way to spend your time while you dabble in conversations with your friend in the midst of a natural masterpiece. Take in the feels of aristocracy and play the fun sport of fishing as nature caresses your face at the heart of Destiny Farm Resort. Well, while you are it, it doesn’t hurt to imagine being surrounded by the classics coming alive from the rusty pages of your childhood fables.

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