The ultimate island vacation checklist

The skies are nearly clearing, and it's time for Cintacor to transform back into the tropical paradise that the most passionate of holiday goers often seek.
As the island prepares to give its visitors an enchanting welcome, here is a list of must-haves for a joyful vacation at Cintacor Island Resort.

Stylish swimwear for a soothing dip

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Here’s an absolute essential that one must possess to appreciate the azure waters at Cintacor. The infinity pool at Cintacor is considered as one of the most picturesque spots by our visitors. Especially, during sunset when the final rays set a pinkish-orange glow across the pool’s waters. So for those seeking a leisurely dip in the calm pool waters or even an adventurous swim along the island shores, a swimsuit would be a trustworthy companion.

Comfortable treads for the explorers

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At the heart of Cintacor’s enchanting landscape lies a lush nature trail; a perfect treat for an adventurous soul. With a plethora of unique flora and fauna to explore, a sturdy pair of hiking boots or shoes can do a lot to make this adventure a comfortable one. And for the daring, these shoes make it easier to traverse through the rocky ravines on the beach.

Modish outfits to strike brilliant poses

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The beauty of Cintacor resides within its natural landscapes. Be it the sandy beaches, the mysterious creeks or its brilliant nature trails. And these structures offer brilliant backdrops to any beautiful photography that usually ends up on Instagram. And wrapping this scenery up with the right outfit adds more to the picture’s charm.
Flowing sundresses, colourful board shorts, or denim shorts for lazing by the beach or the pool. Comfortable joggers and relaxed full-sleeved tees for exploring the nature trails, because one never knows what they might encounter. And let’s not sunglasses! For a rainy day on this tropical island, light-weight and quick-dry outfits make the best companions.

Cameras to capture all that is rare and wondrous

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With a lot of hidden wonders waiting to be discovered here, it is best to have cameras or sketch books to capture and immortalise them. The spirited leaps of the dolphins, stunning views of the infinity pool blending with the vast Arabian Sea, the breathtaking nature views from inside your cabins and 300 million years of natural history veiled amongst the wooden trails. Here, at every nook and corner, there lies a memory waiting to be preserved and cherished for a lifetime.
Though the cameras freeze these moments, the heart and soul of Cintacor lie in its experiences. The feel of warm sand beneath your feet, the soft wind blowing through your hair, the laughter and banter shared by the pool. It is these very emotions that make Cintacor the holiday destination that it is now.

To old beginnings and new experiences

Cintacor Island Resort is opening its doors to everyone on the 15th of August. And this realm of absolute tranquillity shall await the arrival of its first visitors, to ensure their holiday is an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Until then, we hope you experience the safest travels and the most remarkable journeys.

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