King’s Cliff: Pairing food with the rains at Ooty

Ooty’s climate bears an air of pleasantry that vicarious experiences would never do justice to. In order to feel bliss, you need to step foot in Ooty and witness the celestial divinity that it is. And when you step foot in Ooty, what follows thereafter is a glide into heaven, with a host of natural elements playing the perfect host and King’s Cliff at the end of it hopes to host your royal sojourn.

Well, talking about King’s Cliff, enlisting all the elements would probably need ages and a book, but then it doesn’t hurt to highlight the most striking facet of the mansion that has been the crux of all attention. Barring the gorgeous edifice that stands with its ineffable beauty, it also takes pride in serving the perfect delicacies that will stimulate your taste buds like none other.

They say that when it pours in Ooty, no other place in the world can parallel the beauty. But then when it rains, we all have our favourite sets of food alongside the blaring playlist to make it the most idyllic two to tango. Bringing to you the finest food in Ooty, comes Earl’s Secret, the blissful restaurant that houses the secret ingredients which they say gives your food the lift that you were always looking for.

Walking into ages of history adorned with the warmth of modern settings, Earl’s Secret boasts of a menu that has a wide variety of cuisines to go with. Handpicked with love, the cozy yellow lights go buzzing perfectly with the delectable magnifiques that would leave you hooked.

Well, when we hit the Youtube screens, and we start looking for rain songs, there is one video on the suggestions that always say jazz and rain. Well, why do you need to imagine this when you actually get to do this for real? Take a sip of hot coffee, tailor-made to your tastebuds while the rains lash at the window panes.

How about our chefs making a special list of suggestions only for you that brings out the best of Earl’s secrets from the majestic starters to the iconic desserts and all you need to do is just ease yourself into the dripping heritage, with the ambience casting its magic over you, teleporting you to your deepest imaginations.

Now if you are still wondering about the exact pedigree of the King’s Cliff, even the iconic Mani Ratnam didn’t hesitate to grace it with the shots of Kaatru Velyidai. Despite the variety of foods that is there for grabs at the Earl’s Secret, a special suggestion for you should always be to try the continental dishes, the pride of Ooty as we would like to put it. Piping hot, made with love and easing in the rain under the magnificent stare of the ageless mountains.

We are going to let you in on a secret. The magical sauce they say that makes the food stand out for us is actually something different. For us it is the love, it is the warmth and it is your presence that makes Earl’s Secret the rarity that it has become. We meld all of these aspects together and sprinkle it like stardust for you to savour every bit of it.

What are you waiting for? You don’t get to witness magic twice. At the King’s Cliff, we make magic happen every day and every moment. Step into a world unseen and transcend your experiences beyond the ordinary.

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