Littlearth: Fine dining vs street foods

Call it a perennial war if you may, but the discourse between street foods and fine dining has spread to every nook and cranny of the planet and is very much real. It has been stemming since the very days when the world first got a whiff of fancy dining.

The easy-going dishes were replaced by the newly incoming sophistication swathed in elegance, aesthetics and heritage of a particular place that would predominantly dictate the essence of a particular precinct.

When you are planning a vacation, this is another major topic that shakes up the feathers and somehow, you, who is just willing to savour a long peaceful getaway, end up getting caught in the crossfire of your friends and family debating over the ilk of food that should have led the path in the first place.

What if we tell you that you can actually savour both without all the hustle and bustle that is wasted in the unnecessary place? Well, Little Earth has it all and to spice it up, we have juxtaposed a delectable on-the-go street food cafe and an elegant sophisticated fine-dining restaurant adjacent to each other.

The LE Café or the Little Earth Café, whatever you would like to call it, offers you an ecstatic variety of on-the-go fried, crispy snacks that would leave you smacking your lips for the remainder of the vacation and would probably settle the debate once and for all. Oh, you also get to taste some steaming hot coffee that plays the perfect two-to-tango to the amazing delicacies that you can pick up and sip at the behest of the unravelling ageless mountains.

Just because it is on the go, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will only have the option of taking them away and be headed for a walk. The LE Café offers you this nice roadside sitting alignment that provides you with an amazing view too with the delicacy that awaits you on your plate. Well, we aren’t exactly quoting Van Gogh here, but an evening in Ooty doesn’t sound bad either.

As the ageless debate is almost about to be at a close with you being happy that it no longer is a conundrum, oh wait did you hear about the Periodic Table? Let’s spark your memory again. We were talking about an adjacent fine-dining restaurant too, yes, that is the Periodic Table.

Playing the perfect host to what one can label as one of the most memorable evenings that you are going to savour for eternity, The Periodic Table offers you a wide array of dishes laced with the perfect ambience that will soothe your frayed nerves and sing those unheard songs that would take you back in time.

As heritage and modernization walk hand in hand, the variety of cuisines that you have at your disposal spoils you for plenty. Throw in a mix of the cultural alignments alongside the warmth and handpicked love that we are going to serve you with and what follows is stuff from culinary folklore.
So, you get to call who wins the war between the street delicacies and the fine-dining stalwarts but at the end of the day Little Earth Square will leave you spoilt for plenty and there is absolutely no ‘versus’ to that. You pick your choice, we make it with love.

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