A Midsummer Dream at Destiny

It was raining the night the trio reached the pickup point for Destiny. As they waited, they couldn’t help but whip out their cameras and capture the joy of three croaking minstrels - frogs hopping in the rain.
Wildlife enthusiasts at heart, this was the perfect beginning to their one-day holiday. The next morning, they awoke to the peaceful view of the vast Nilgiris. It was the perfect weather to sit by the window, draped in a soft woollen shawl, sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Room with view

Outside, the velvety green lawns shone bright, sloping into the glistening waters of the Emerald Lake. Far ahead one could spot the neatly cultivated forms cascading down the hills set against the backdrop of majestic green hills. But the beauty of this place wasn’t just about its scenic wonders. It was in its people.
The infectious laughter of the mischievous little boy chasing down his pet dog. The animated squabbles of youngsters deciding their next adventure. The intimacy between the two women sharing a deep conversation on the swings.
And as the trio stepped into this little world, they felt its energetic spark seeping into their veins.

Destiny property

Like most wildlife enthusiasts, our friends too shared a love for adventure sports, leading them to the zipline arena. Their line extended across a little pond that had little swans swimming in it. Their adventure lay momentarily forgotten as the swans stole all the attention. After another little photoshoot, they were ready to screech and soar across.
Ahead, a scared little girl in her teens was gathering courage to face her new fear, while her friend continued encouraging her. “You can do it,” screamed her friend. Soon everyone in the arena including the trio joined in on the cheerings. And their celebratory whoops as she let go wasn’t anything they could have prepared for.

Zipline 2

With wide smiles, the three of them moved toward the riding course, where little horses freely trotted around between the tracks and stables. Their ride was a sweet little thing named Rustom Don, who had the shiniest brown coat and a thick black mane. One of them fed him some sugar cubes, while the other two stroked his little coat. The riding trainer remarked to them that Rustom has always been a crowd favourite.

Horse 2

The three of them concluded their eventful morning at the new restaurant — a quaint hangout by the lake — with mouth-watering smells and satisfying sizzles for company. Every bite of their delicious lunch felt fresh and juicy.
The resident chef was right in front, completely lost in the joy of preparing one dish after the other. They struck a conversation, and he proudly revealed the reason behind the freshness of his creations. “We grow everything right here at our farms. So, our foods only feature the freshest ingredients,” he said as he invited them to join the farm tour.
Another new experience! They hopped towards the farms and tried their hand at it — watering, replanting and sowing the veggies. And then moved on to greet our four-legged farm friends with muddy hands and messy pants. The cows petted, the sheep coddled, and the rabbits and chickens well-fed. All while sporting the widest smiles.
With a full belly and a happy heart, they went back to their rooms as it had begun getting dark by then.


The cool air called for a soiree around the bonfire. And luckily they weren’t the only ones around. Amongst them was a retired army personnel, who brought out his guitar strumming pleasant tunes. The patrons sat around and exchanged songs and stories.
With the stars shining high above, the soothing sound of crackling fire and the light music, it felt like the perfect conclusion to their little holiday.


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