Cintacor: All things you should keep in mind for a tropical vacation.

We, at Cintacor Island Resort, believe in creating an all-in-all experience of tranquillity for our tourists. We offer happiness in umpteen different ways to our customers, and they agree! If an authentic tropical vacation with the waves hitting your feet while the sun goes down, is what you need, Cintacor is your one-stop shop for all of that, and more. We give a whole new meaning to the word 'vacation' as we try to exceed our patrons' expectations by giving them a holiday they've never experienced before and sending them home with a bag full of memories they didn't expect to make.

We believe in prioritizing your needs and requirements above all, to give you a comfortable and smooth vacation. If a fulfilling and exciting tropical vacation is what you're looking for, here are a few things you should keep in mind before your departure!

Keeping all of this aside, the most important rule is to have more fun than you and your group may have possibly imagined! So make sure you do that, and make the most of every moment you spend in a tropical area. Cheers from us!

1. Picking the Right Accommodation

At Cintacor, we offer you an 'off the grid' experience. Leave your busy schedules and work stress back at home, and come soak in the beachy vibes with our sea-facing rooms as a bonus! The restaurant at Cintacor keeps your requirements in check and prepares the most wholesome and delicious meals, catering to your taste buds. This is a place that's got you covered for everything in one place, ask and you shall receive!

2. Packing the Right Things

It is understood that a beach vacation would require some very specific products in your suitcase. Things such as sunblock, swimwear, swim cover, clothes suitable for the weather at the time, flip-flops for a comforting walk on the shore, along with basic medicines always come in handy. Besides this, make sure to carry beachy accessories and trendy clothes to avoid looking anything short of stylish on your trip!

3. Bring Tit-bits to Eat!

We all know how hungry the sun can make us. Bringing your munchies and other quick bites really helps! You can lay by the beach as you read a book, and feed your hunger pangs without a worry

4. Carry Fun Activities to Make Your Trip More Fun!

Now we know the list of things to do on a beach trip is huge, but why waste even a minute being bored? At times when you and your group aren't feeling too adventurous or up to it, it'd be nice to just toss around a volleyball or play Frisbee at the beach. Whereas just lay on a picnic cloth and read that book you haven't been able to finish for months!

5. Stay Alert and Take Precautions

Having a few beers at the shore is an absolute treat, but our advice will always be, to stay responsible with your alcohol intake. This is to ensure that you have a great time while also staying out of any sort of danger. On a similar note, when it comes to safety precautions if ever the need for a first aid kit arises, Cintacor has your back there as well!

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