Cintacor: All things you should keep in mind for a tropical vacation.


As the monsoon arrives, the hidden flora and fauna come alive and Cintacor Island Resort transforms into a secluded paradise. Our resident dwellers continue to thrive as nature rejuvenates with each shower. While the island remains closed to its visitors, its true inhabitants take centre stage, undeterred by the tumultuous season.
Read along to catch a glimpse at what our popular creatures have been up to amidst the rains.

The dolphins


As the raindrops delicately hit the surface of the surrounding Arabian Sea, the spirited dolphins continue on with spirited leaps and high-speed chases. But the arrival of a torrential downpour will have these smart mammals heading to calmer waters, as it isn’t ideal for them to delve deeper into the sea.
Every once in a while they have to strike the surface from under for a quick breath of fresh air. For, unlike most fish, the dolphins do not have gills, instead, they have blowholes on the edge of their snouts that help them breathe. These unique openings remain closed underwater, only to open back up when these sprightly sea creatures jump above the surface, allowing them to inhale and exhale freely.
Moreover, the rains make the waters deeper, bringing the dolphins newer areas to explore for food.

The otters


No creature on Cintacor enjoys the rains as much as the little otters residing near Mystery Creek and rocky islets. Like most animals, the otters follow their food, and during monsoons they practically strike gold. The rains deepen the surrounding shallow waters and the strong current brings the fish (read: food) closer to the shore. It is only natural for our little opportunists to begin feasting by the water. Happy stomach, happy otter!
No wonder one can see them rolling around and doing a happy dance with their fellow companions during the rain.

The eagles

Sea eagle

The majestic white-bellied eagles that fly above the shores of Cintacor are unlike any other birds during the rain. Being the strong resilient creatures that they are, the eagles take to soaring the high skies during the rains, without letting the torrential pours deter their spirit.
Moreover, the wet season does give them an advantage. The monsoon showers bring a lot of fish closer to the surface, and our sharp-eyed friends swoop down to grab them for a meal.

The river turtles


The monsoons are an exciting season for the river turtles residing in the inland streams of the island, as it announces the beginning of their breeding season. In search for a partner, the male turtles turn aggressive and chase their mate, biting her on the neck.
One can’t help but marvel at the fact that new lives are being created on the island, as it remains closed to the rest of the world. As soon as the monsoon recedes the river turtles dig their nests and lay their eggs on the sandy beaches of the isle. So, during your next visit, you may find little baby turtles crawling around.

To witness the captivating rites of nature

As seasons change, nature has many such mesmerising sights in store for us. In the monsoon, it is the quirky behaviour of the dolphins, otters, eagles, turtles and many more creatures residing on the island. The coming seasons will open our eyes to other idiosyncrasies of the Cintacor fauna. One just has to know where to look!
So, for your next visit to Cintacor, expect many interesting sights unfolding in front of you. Do keep an eye out for the island’s wonderful creatures to witness their peculiar rituals firsthand. For more than it being an exciting glimpse into their world, it is also a lesson in resilience and how one can make the best out of any situation.

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