Cintacor: The Ideal Summer Destination

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For travellers looking to soak in some ‘vitamin sea’ this summer, there lies a little slice of paradise, a private island off the coast of Karwar. Far away from the bustling crowds, surrounded by lush greenery sits an exotic summer destination that promises you a holiday filled with adventure, beautiful views, relaxed evenings and much more— the Cintacor Island Resort. Only a 2-hour drive away from Goa, this limitless world in the Arabian Sea houses the historical remnants of the Chola dynasty, and is a beacon for adventurers and peace-seekers alike.

A Symphony of Sights, Sounds & Serenity

A boat remains at the Karwar jetty waiting to transport you to the shores of Cintacor. With the sea foam spraying on your face and the wind running through your hair, this exhilarating ride is sure to wake you up to the exciting holiday ahead. As you get closer to the island, a few dolphins may accompany you all the way to the shore, where the beautiful flora and fauna of Kurumgad will greet you. At every turn in Cintacor, there’s a breathtaking sight for you to behold — from the pristine waters to the lush greeneries to the exotic birds and animals.
The cabins that house you offer an uninterrupted view of the sea juxtaposed with the island's greenery, making every waking moment feel surreal.
Yet a traveller’s most preferred spot is the vast, gorgeous infinity pool that blends into the Arabian Sea. In fact, one of Cintacor’s most sought-out sights is the view from the pool at sunset, when the sea change colours as the sun bleeds its crimson-yellow shades into the sapphire waters.

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Tides Of Tranquility

On a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea, the ultimate relaxation experience awaits you at the Kurumasana Spa. Here, you’ll be privy to various luxury wellness treatments & therapies like Swedish and Thai massages, body wraps, and so much more. After experiencing all that Kurumasana has to offer, you’ll find yourself to be the perfect picture of serenity. The view of the glistening waters, the soothing lull of the sea waves along with the expert, deft movements of the masseuse combine for a revitalising experience for the mind, body and soul.

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For The Love Of Nature

Cintacor is home to a diverse range of flora & fauna, favoured by all who enjoy exploring the island’s nature trail. An expert naturalist accompanies you through the forests, as you spot rare butterflies, majestic eagles, brilliant dolphins, adorable turtles and exotic orchids. A walk on the island will open your eyes to its hidden wonders like a 300 million-year-old creek, the enchanting woods, the temple that is the main site of a yearly pilgrimage, an old lighthouse that has been around since the colonial era and so much more. With over eighty per cent of the 30-acre private island covered in forests, one can’t help but slow down and connect with nature, filling the soul with peace and wonder.
However, the true marvel arrives after sundown, as the stars light up the night sky; an added perk of the island being located far away from the noise of the city. Experiencing such a majestic wonder makes one feel as if they have been transported to a time at the beginning of the universe. At this moment, the world comes to a standstill. Each day there is a new view to cherish, a new story to hear, and a new discovery to make; there are endless wonders waiting to charm you on this stunning island.

Flavours of Cintacor

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On the highest spots of the island sits Nemo’s Deck, Cintacor’s central restaurant. The culinary seafood creations by the chef capture the brilliant flavours of the Konkan, Continental and Indian cuisine. Prepared with the freshest catch from the sea, each dish is skillfully crafted to tantalise your taste buds. Nemo’s Deck’s marvels are best enjoyed while gazing out at the breathtaking ocean and soaking in the ambience of the island. The upper deck of this restaurant is designed for lively nights, drinks, exciting conversations, and stunning views However, the feeling of relaxing with your favourite drink in hand at the beach bar, On The Rocks, as you watch the sky and sea blend together to form most serene shades of blue is a unique experience of its own. The bar is perfect for drinks, snacks and intimate conversations by the beach.
And if you are on the lookout for a spot where you can lean back and relax with a wonderful selection of drinks, music, and books, the Jolly Roger’s bar has it all. With an eclectic range of drinks concocted by our expert mixologist, this cosy lounge offers you an edgier, entertaining experience, making it the favoured hangout for unforgettable evenings with friends and family.

Cintacor Island Resort encapsulates all that one looks for in a tropical paradise, making it an ideal destination for a summer filled with relaxation. This limitless world in the Arabian Sea offers an escape for those seeking serenity.

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