An English escape to King’s Cliff: Ooty’s portal to the past

a beautiful picture of the property

Close your eyes and imagine - a carriage pulled by two white stallions trots down a pebbled pathway, arriving at a Victorian-era country mansion. Ladies dressed in lace gowns chatter under dainty parasols, partaking in garden soirées. House staff hurriedly arrange delicate china and linens for afternoon tea. Gentlemen sporting cravats engage in discussions of state affairs accompanied by the clinking of champagne flutes, later retiring to their chambers.

As vivid as this aristocratic scene seems, you needn't merely imagine it. Tucked away in the idyllic hill town of Ooty lies a portal into 19th-century British nobility - King’s Cliff, a heritage British mansion hotel that takes you back to the bygone era of British rule in India, offering a captivating glimpse into the ambience of yesteryears.

Built over a hundred years ago as the residence of Lady Maybn and Lord Reginald, this mansion served as a playground for Ooty’s rich and famous. Today, King’s Cliff enchants its visitors through its stately architecture, Victorian-era interiors, and a setting that evokes the allure of the days gone by.

A journey back in time

An outdoor pic of the mansion that also shows the porch and the garden

As you trod along the path leading to the mansion, the cobblestones beneath your feet echo the footsteps of lords and ladies who once graced this mansion. Lush gardens with beds of vibrant blossoms flank the pathway, filling the air with sweet floral scents. The sprawling lawns offer gorgeous panoramic views of the verdant hills of Ooty and many a perfect vantage point to admire the charming British-era architecture of the hotel.

One can also enjoy high English tea on the manicured lawns or find a solitary spot for reading while birds chorus melodiously in the background.

Old-world English charm


King’s Cliff’s nine well-appointed rooms nicely balance heritage character with modern amenities to cocoon you in luxury. Beyond the polished teakwood doors lie spacious rooms featuring bay windows, 4-poster beds draped in embroidered curtains, and cosy seating nooks.

Other nods to the Victorian era include intricately carved wardrobes, vintage desks, ornate chandeliers, and working fireplaces for cold winter nights. While intricately patterned rugs, soft fabrics and accent art lend a plush, welcoming air.

Rest assured, present-day comforts like WiFi, televisions and tea or coffee makers are available too.

An epicurean experience


Let your nose guide you to Earl’s Secret, the onsite restaurant housed in a charming sunroom offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding hills. Referred to as the Glass House by locals, this highly-rated restaurant will satiate even the most discerning palates with an array of tantalising Continental, Mughlai, and Chinese delicacies prepared to perfection.

For a relaxed lunch or coffee break, visit As You Like It café with its alfresco seating tucked amidst gardens. Choose from comforting meals like burgers, sandwiches and pizzas or indulge your sweet tooth with the bakery’s cakes, tarts and cookies to pair with Ooty’s finest hot and cold beverages. Whether enjoying a solitary meal with a book or engaging in lengthy conversations with friends, As You Like It’s cosy environs make it one of Ooty’s choicest cafés.

The surrounding milieu

a scenic image of the town

The verdant paradise of Ooty forms the perfect idyllic backdrop for King’s Cliff’s vintage overtures. Just outside the resort, you can discover vestiges of colonial influence through charming churches, Raj-era bungalows, and boarding schools built more than a century ago.

A nostalgic journey aboard a heritage toy train, winding through hills and coffee plantations, makes for a delightful trip back in time. You can also visit the centuries-old Stone House or wander through the pillars and porticos of the prestigious Lovedale College for more glimpses into the hill station’s British past. Or simply enjoy long countryside drives past Toda settlements and undulating tea estates for scenery that would feel perfectly familiar to a 19th-century English gentlefolk.

At the King’s Cliff, every day feels like time travel. A dreamy encounter with the erstwhile British aristocratic life coupled with Ooty’s scenic landscapes for a sensory experience that spans sight, sound and taste.

Guests young and old, families, couples or solo travellers inevitably leave mesmerised by this soul-stirring rendezvous with history. After all, who can resist the pull of nostalgia and romanticism that beautifully collide behind these stately walls?


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