Sherlock's: A weekend getaway to Ooty

If you're a fanatic for old British architecture and interiors, then Sherlock situated in Ooty is the perfect place to treat yourself to a relaxing getaway. The property portrays contemporary London, from the late 1800s through its brick chimneys, aesthetic windows along with many other interior features from the same era. The rooms are considerably spacious, and we have equipped them with free WiFi services, cable TVs, along with shower heads and faucets in the bathrooms.

The property is surrounded by refurbished lawns, and is 3km away from the Sharing Cross junction. You can bask in the sun, in the garden or go horseback riding in case you're feeling adventurous! You can also explore options like driving through the jungle, or go fishing with your gang.

The restaurant at Sherlock serves a variety of cuisine such as authentic Indian, Chinese, and Continental, so your hunger pangs and cravings will never go unfulfilled!
Transport from Sherlock is also quite accessible, and will not be an inconvenience since the Coimbatore International Airport, Railway Station and Bus station are all within 100km from the property. We are a one-stop destination for your perfect weekend getaway at Ooty.

Ooty is popularly known as the 'Queen of Hill Stations' and is the perfect spot for nature lovers who want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ooty is easily accessible from the cities around it, such as Bangalore, Coimbatore and Mysore as buses ply to the Hill Station. Visiting during the monsoon season is highly recommended because the occasional bouts of rain cause the greenery to double and it becomes a lot more pleasing to the eyes during this time.

There's a ton of things to do and explore in Ooty. You can start off by dipping your legs or boating in the Ooty lake. Cycling around the same is also something quite a few tourists prefer doing. There are numerous local shops around the lake, for you to pick up souvenirs and gifts for yourself, your friends and family.
To make your trip easier and more exciting, here's a list of places that are worth a visit in the Hill Station-

Dodabetta Peak

This is the highest peak in Ooty and the view from up top is an absolutely stunning feast to the eyes. Make sure to carry your hoodies and scarves as the high altitude makes the observation deck at the peak quite chilly.

Botanical garden Ooty

Rightly known as one of the best gardens in India, the Botanical Garden at Ooty includes an immaculate variety of flora, glasshouse, and a small nursery. The garden also has huge lawns where you can sit, relax and observe the beauty of nature.

Rose Garden Ooty

This is one of the most visited places in Ooty and makes it to almost every itinerary, for housing twenty-thousand varieties of roses! They are mostly in full bloom during the month of May, and a full-fledged flower show is conducted to showcase the same.

These are three places that should definitely be included in your itinerary, so that your trip ends up being the kind you'll never forget!
Besides this, explore the culture and traditions in Ooty along with the plethora of activities the place has to offer. When your trip comes to an end, we promise that you'll leave wanting more!

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