Mangifera: India's rich nature and wildlife reserves

The magnificent 7-acre Mangifera fruit orchard is situated on the edge of the Nilgiri Biosphere, which is over 2,000 km of subtropical forest, not very far from the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary. The Mangifera is an absolute delight to stay in, as it provides a 5 bedroom cottage that is actually located in a fruit orchard. The homely stay provides 3 deluxe bedrooms along with 1 standard and 1 executive.
It offers amenities such as local yet homely food with substantial variety on the dining deck that overlooks the farm as well as the orchard, giving tourists a feast for the eyes. The resort extends activities and facilities like, a swimming pool, a few indoor as well as outdoor games. Mangifera also has an outdoor common area where you can just go, and relax when you feel like there's nothing else you'd rather do. This location is known for its late night Jungle Safaris and the bonfire nights! There's nothing like spending quality time along with your friends and family by the fire while it's freezing!

When it comes to keeping your trip interesting, you can also visit the Elephant camp nearby, or enjoy a drive to the Gopal Swami Beta. The beauty of this stunning property cannot be captured through a lens! The Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary and National park is known for having the second highest tiger population in India. It is located in the Gundulpete Taluk and is also a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, making it the largest protected area in Southern India. Besides this, it's home to the largest population of wild elephants in South Asia. This Sanctuary proves the rich heritage and wildlife reserves of India, considering the number of different animals that can be spotted here. Everything right from the Tiger, Sambar, Sloth bear, Leopards, to Elephants.

It also shares its border with three other Nation Parks, including Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala and Nagarhole National Park in the North, creating India's biggest biosphere reserve. India has one of the world's largest groups of wildlife sanctuaries, portraying the country's rich culture, heritage, and care for preserving the natural habitats of the Wildlife. The immense efforts put in, in the "Save the Tiger" project also speak for the country's stance on the same. India's contributions and absolute rich culture, along with its wide range of wildlife reserves, truly stand out globally, and we hope it continues to stay the same!

Mangifera is a property that immerses your soul in nature and makes you one with it. It is a place worth visiting since it's a highly feasible getaway resort, and is a feast to all the five human senses, so make sure you don't miss out on the experience that could probably alter your perspective for the better!

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