The Hidden Charm Of The Littlearth Square

The Ooty that the world knows is a picturesque hill station with a laid-back charm. Its lush green forests, gentle rolling hills, and mesmerising waterfalls invite nature lovers from all around the world. However, at the centre of this town, there is a spot where the hills come alive with the sound of laughter, music and joy— Littlearth Square. Located near St. Stephen’s Church, this square is the hotbed for some of the most unique experiences. Home to The Periodic Table, LE Café & Littlearth Market, this vibrant site is a must-visit for all those who seek a taste of Ooty’s hidden charms.

Upon entering Littlearth Square you will be greeted by the strong aroma of the famous brick oven pizza being baked at the LE Café, along with little murmurs of people enjoying each other’s company while watching the square’s distinctive sights unfold in front of them. Home to the most comforting & delicious foods, LE Café is known to serve heaven on a plate, with a side serving of the best views.

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This corner is always bustling with activity; be it the excitement of enjoying live music, the smell of fresh baked goods from the occasional bake sale, the laughter of the people enjoying a little line dancing, or the whoops of joy from people celebrating special occasions. Every now & then the square hosts a farmer’s fair where you can find the best of local creations like delicious homemade jams & pickles, freshly harvested vegetable produce, & unique art and craft. A trip to Littlearth Square will wake you up to the creative force that lays amidst the hills.
This little spot in the hills transports you to a world that's quite different from the Ooty that everyone knows. In this world, you aren’t just a traveller visiting a hill station, but a part of a lovely community that cannot wait to welcome you. You are a part of the Littlearth family.

Another exciting spot at the Square is the Littlearth Market, where you can find a whole curation of staples, basics and gourmet food that aren’t otherwise easily available in the town. From fresh produce harvested at the Littlearth farm to organic food to baked goods, you’ll find everything you need for a delightful culinary experience. Not to mention the ever-famous homemade Ooty chocolates, the mouth-watering’ offerings from our bakers, as well as memorable trinkets, souvenirs, and tees for you to return with. At every corner, a new and exciting discovery awaits you, making Littlearth Market the perfect blend of simple and exotic. Sitting on the benches outside the market, one can’t help but be captivated by the unique, almost otherworldly, charm that this little square exudes.

This delightful square also houses a fine-dining marvel in a 150-year-old quaint building — The Periodic Table. This slice of culinary heaven promises you an evening to savour, with the best creations that blend the magical world of the Herbalist, and the mystical aura of Alchemy. Known as one of the best dining spots in Ooty, the food crafted at The Periodic Table marries the science of gastronomy and the brilliant flavours from the fresh ingredients to serve deliciousness on a plate. The food and the company at the restaurant are sure to leave you feeling warm in the cold hills of Ooty.

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So, for your next visit to the hill station don’t forget to drop in at Littlearth Square and acquaint yourself with everything that is unique and wonderful about Ooty.

Experience all that Littlearth has to offer in full splendour at one of our picturesque resorts in Ooty.

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King’s Cliff: Sneak a peek into the romance of the regal life in this picturesque destination that once was the majestic residence of Lady Maybn and Lord Reginald. Only 2 km away from Littlearth Square, with its panoramic view and colonial architecture this resort is the perfect blend of luxury & old-world charm.

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Destiny - The Farm Resort: A perfect blend of comfort & luxury, this resort brings together different worlds with its working farm, country-style hospitality, horses, and the Nilgiri wilderness. Located 25 km away from Littlearth Square, this place is the go-to destination for nature lovers.

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Sherlock: Located under 4 km from the square, this place is an ode to the popular Arthur Conan Doyle character, Sherlock Holmes. One can find interesting books, photographs & excerpts from the celebrated detective’s journey, along with an extraordinary view of the Nilgiris.

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