Who We Are

The brainchild of a husband-wife duo, The Littlearth Group is a set of adventure resorts and theme hotels nestled amidst the most picturesque locations in South India — from Bandipur National Park and Ooty to the majestic Arabian Sea near Karwar and Goa. With the beauty of nature as our muse and the resilience of heritage as our guide, we seek to engage our visitors in beautiful experiences that bring them closer as a community.

Our Team

An efficient team of over 300 Littlearthlings spread across Karwar, Bandipur and Nilgiris, with the common goal of ensuring a stay soaked in serenity and comfort. We are here to answer your every call and leave you with a treasure trove of beautiful memories. Here, you aren’t travellers, but an important part of the Littlearth family.

Little Wonders

Littearth isn’t just about its people, but also the nature around us. We work with nature to foster a community of harmony. This is why it is important for us to follow only the most eco-friendly practices. The ingredients for our dishes are freshly sourced from our plant and animal farms, giving you a unique dining experience. The nature trails at our various destinations are all well maintained, to not disturb the residing flora and fauna.