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Brick oven pizza. Bakery. Laughter and banter. Easy food. And yes, live music every now and then. Welcome to LE
Café, an open-air, European style cafe in the heart of the Littlearth Square. A living picture of the joy of community.


Community . Culture . Enterprise

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Every once in a while, there’s a Farmer’s Fair, a Flea Market, and live music during which the square turns almost into a carnival ground, where both locals and tourists descend and often break into an impromptu line dance. And no matter how and when the square comes alive, be it teeming with tourists or hosting a creative show of force (there are a few music concerts lined up), it is this open-air café that offers the best seats to witness to it all.


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It is here that good food and good company go hand in hand. From small eats, sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas to desserts, mocktails, healthy juices, coffee, and tea, here, you’ll always find a menu that’s built on locally-grown fresh ingredients, celebrating the flavours of the season and serving as the perfect base for engaging conversations. The café is after all an invitation to come together and engage in delightful company – a feeling of sharing one big table with all

THE SQUARE, in its current form, was
designed by two friends of Littlearth

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The first thing you’ll notice about LE Café is that it is set in a square that is paved with Belgian blocks – very European, indeed. The next is its relaxed and welcoming bistro-style seating that spans three levels, where the third level usually serves as a space for local farmers to showcase their fresh produce.

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"Part of the café's distinctive design are its five teal colour shipping containers, of which two, one with a vibrant
hot pink interior and the other with a striking mustard one, serve as food service counters. The remaining three
containers at the back form the bustling kitchen. On the adjacent side of the café is Littlearth's The Periodic Table
that serves as a charming backdrop. The arrangement results in a café that is visually anchored within the square,
while maintaining an open and inviting layout that continues and connects with its surroundings." - Nagesh Manay
Binding it all is the music from the café, an eclectic mix of indie and pop melodies,
that weaves through the air like a refreshing summer breeze.



Rameez4066 on Tripadvisor

"Good food , Good vibe , Mojito was epic must try , Thank you cafe for the best moments and memories!!"

ali041980 on Tripadvisor

"Location, food taste and price are all exceptional. Had one of the best pizza over here. All food that was ordered was fresh and liked by kids. do remember that no prior reservation is required and parking is available at this place. Food prices are a little on higher side but that was still justifiable by the overall experience."

Dibyani Deb on Google

"Visited this place while returning from St. Stephen church. It's near to commissioner road. This place not only look refreshing and mesmerizing but this cafe has that french touch that will attract you."

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