Ooty's Gastronomic Gems: 4 Food-Haunts Every Foodie Must Try!

It is well known that Ooty possesses the best visual wonders, be it the mist-covered mountains, lush tea-estates or majestic waterfalls. It is truly a nature lover’s paradise. A little less-known fact about Ooty is how it is also a culinary haven for all the foodies out there.

Read along and find out about some of the must-visit food haunts.

Earl’s Secret at the regal King’s Cliff

LE blog images Earl s secret

Should one strike a conversation regarding food haunts with any of the locals here, the words “glasshouse restaurant” are bound to slip out. And why not! Everybody including the internet knows that it is the best fine-dining restaurant in town.
Fondly referred to as the glasshouse restaurant by the locals, the Earl’s Secret is housed within the regal-looking King’s Cliff, where one has the pleasure of dining in a glass house perched atop a hill, overlooking a mesmerising valley. Feel transported to an era of romance and grandeur, with its culinary creations that span across Continental, Indian, and Chinese cuisines.

Periodic Table at the charming Littlearth Square

LE blog images TPT

A meeting of two enchanting worlds— the magical one of the herbalist and the mystical aura of alchemy. Housed within a 150-year-old building, The Periodic Table, offers European and French cuisine, with a chef tasting menu, a four-course and five-course menu, as well as à la carte options.
Here, the chefs, headed by the award-winning culinary visionary, Arup Kakati, bring to you the most delightful creation that not just delights the palate but satisfies the soul. Seeking to blend the extraordinary and the familiar, the creations here feature careful selection of rare and common herbs. The mystical aura of this culinary haven is evident in every detail decorating the space like the beakers filled with brews, branch-like lighting structures or its modern teal interiors. Together, they meld the past with the present, reflecting the culinary artistry that awaits.

LE Café at the heart of Ooty’s Littlearth Square

LE blog images Le Cafe

Juxtaposed against the gourmet destination The Periodic Table, is the perfect picture of rustic elegance - the LE Café. An open-air, European style cafe that is a living picture of the joy of community, it brings to you its famous brick oven pizza, baked goodies along with a sweet serving of laughter and banter. And, the occasional live music. From small eats, sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas to desserts, mocktails, healthy juices, coffee, and tea, here, you’ll always find a menu that’s built on locally-grown fresh ingredients. Along with delightful bites, the LE Café offers the best seats to witness a Farmer’s Fair, a Flea Market or even an impromptu line dance.

Adler’s Room at the mysterious Sherlock

LE blog images Adler s room

The brilliant detective Sherlock had very rare moments where he was outwitted. It is this very reason why Irene Adler or “the woman,” always eclipsed and predominated the rest.
And when you have a hotel named Sherlock, it is only fitting that there be an Adler’s Room where one can find the best delicacies in town. For those who appreciate the charm of yesteryears and colonial nuances, this spot is a dining hall straight out of a classic novel. A cosy indoor arrangement with warm and comfortable seating beside a fireplace, Adler’s Room offers popular multi-cuisine delicacies – from Asian to Continental. All, an experience to behold. One can almost imagine our patrons engaging in a game of wits on one of the tables in the corner.

To celebrating little gastronomical wonders

When you are a part of an enchanting Littlearth, dining is all about the celebration of history, culture and renowned cuisines from around the world. The restaurants here paint a vivid tapestry of flavours and joyful memories that leave visitors craving for more.

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