Unwind – The Spa

At Destiny, we advocate holistic wellness and offer an array of restorative services and treatments to please your senses. Our in-house wellness spa Unwind looks out to Lake Emerald and offers luxurious therapies, body wraps, massages and beauty treatments to help relax and rejuvenate your soul, mind and body. Guests can also make use of other spa facilities and services such as a jacuzzi, steam, manicure and pedicure, among others.

What we offer


Relaxing Massages

Ease into a feeling of absolute tranquillity as our masseuse expertly guides your muscles to release all the knots. With every movement the body releases its built-up tension, leaving you feeling light and airy like a cloud floating on a warm summer day.

Rejuvenating Scrubs

A cleansing ritual that will reveal the sparkle from deep within your skin. The scrub concoctions made with only the best natural ingredients and infused essential oils are not just perfect for giving a smooth supple skin, but also energising you from the inside.

Soothing Aromatherapy

Infusing essential fragrances into the fresh cool air, this soothing therapy is the ultimate invigorating experience. As you inhale the refreshing aroma of the essential oils, your body is revitalised while your soul enters a state of complete relaxation, treating you to a good night’s sleep.

Beauty Therapies

The perfect therapy to cleanse and heal your skin, while letting your natural glow emerge from the inside. With a plethora of treatments focusing on different body parts, our aestheticians will stimulate detox and hydration of the skin leaving you feeling clean, refreshed and energised.