Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Destiny - The Farm Resort?
Destiny is India’s first Farm Resort.

2. Is the resort a part of RCI or FHRAI?
No. Destiny is a part of The Littlearth Group which is based in Ooty.

3. Where is the resort situated?
It is 25 km from Ooty off the Avalanche Road. Please use the route map provided for directions.

4. What is the elevation of the resort?
The elevation is about 1,989 m (6527 ft.).

5. How long will it take to reach the resort from Ooty?
It will take approximately 1 hr 30 min from Ooty to reach Destiny.

6. How do I reach the resort?
You can drive up to the parking area which is about 3 km before the resort or you could park your vehicle at King’s Cliff, our other property in Ooty. From there, we can organize your transfer to Destiny at an additional cost.

7. Can I drive up to the resort?
No. You can park your vehicle in our secured parking lot & then take our transportation to get to the resort.

8. How is the drive to the parking lot?
The road is good except for the last 150 m where it gets quite rough and rocky. We would advise that you drive carefully on this stretch.

9. How long is the drive from parking lot to the resort?
The drive from the parking lot to the resort will take you about 15 min.

10. How is the drive from parking to the resort?
It is a rocky road and the ride is bumpy. A part of your adventure begins here.

11. What kind of vehicle is used for the shuttle service?
We use a 4*4 army truck or 4*4 jeep at an additional cost.

12. Is the drive safe?
We take all precautions within our control to ensure that the ride is safe.

13. Do you have any special transportation for senior citizens/physically disabled?
We do. However, we request that you let us know in advance so we can arrange for transportation in our jeep as it is less bumpy compared to the army truck.

14. What is the frequency of the shuttle service from the parking lot to the resort and vice versa?
We operate our shuttle service every hour from the parking lot to the resort and vice versa.

15. From where can you pick the guests?
We have a travel desk that can help you with your pickup from all nearby places such as Coimbatore, Mysore, Bangalore etc. Please contact us in advance for more details at 0423-2244000.

16. What is the ideal time to visit Destiny?
We work round the year and the climatic conditions are as follows:
  • June - October: Rainy season (it rains in patches unless there is a depression, in which case it rains constantly).
  • November - February: Winter season (clear days and nights, crisp weather and very cold nights).
  • March - May: Summer season (clear days and nights but you would still need a sweater in the mornings and at night).
  • We recommend that you bring along your trekking boots and shoes to explore the area.

17. How can I book my reservation for the resort?
Please call our central reservation office at 0423-2244000 (09:00 AM to 08:00 PM).

18. Do you have an online reservation system?
Yes, you can visit our website to book online.

19. How will my booking get confirmed?
Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation mail.

20. What is the mode of payment for confirmation?
You can book on the website or you can make a cash deposit, online money transfer or pay by a credit card.

21. Will I get a confirmation mail for the booking made?
Yes. A confirmation mail will be sent along with the route map & driving directions from Ooty to the resort.

22. What if I need help on my way to the resort with directions?
Please call the resort’s front desk at 0423 - 2900500 / 2595555 / 2595959.

23. Can my driver stay with me in the resort?
Unfortunately, no. Accommodation for drivers is provided only at the resort’s parking.

24. Is there a meal facility for drivers?
All meals will be served to the drivers at an additional cost. We request you to contact us in advance for the same.

25. What is the check-in & check-out time?
Check-in time is 12:00 PM & check-out time is 11:00 AM.

26. How early can I check-in & check-out?
Early check-in and check-out depends on the availability of rooms. Please talk to the reception desk a day prior to check-in for more information (0423-2900500).

27. Is there a time limit to reach the resort?
You can check-in at any time but we suggest that you reach by 07:00 PM to our parking area.

28. What documents must I carry to the resort?
Guests are requested to carry their reservation confirmation voucher and any government issued ID proof.

29. What type of rooms are available at the resort?
Hill View, Standard, Deluxe, Superior & Luxury rooms.

30. What is the difference between the room types?
  • Standard Room - Adjacent rooms on the ground floor with a living area, bathroom and a common balcony with views of the lake and the valley.
  • Deluxe Room - Spacious rooms on the ground floor. 2 Deluxe Rooms offer views of the lake and the valley, and are situated near the Standard Rooms on the ground floor. 3 Deluxe Rooms are in the Annex block 100 m away from the restaurant, and come with a view of the valley. These rooms do not have a balcony.
  • Superior Room - Comfortable rooms on the first floor with a private balcony and a clear view of the lake and the valley.
  • Luxury Room - Cosy rooms with a fireplace. 4 of our rooms are in the main block with views of the lake and valley and 3 rooms have a glass closed balcony. 1 room comes with an open balcony without fireplace and 4 rooms are in the Annex block which have a panoramic view of the valley with a common open terrace balcony.
  • All rooms come with an intercom and coffee/tea makers. We do not provide heaters as part of the room amenities. However, you can get them at an additional cost.

31. Do the rooms have a television?
We don’t have televisions in our rooms as we’d like our guests to enjoy nature and the outdoor activities. We do screen important events/matches on a large screen in the conference room.

32. Will I get mobile phone connectivity at the resort?
Yes. If you are a BSNL, Jio or Airtel customer, you will have network connectivity at a few places. Rest of the network carriers may catch up in certain areas only.

33. Is there a cottage at the resort?
We do not have cottages at the resort.

34. Is there any difference between the accommodation blocks?
The C block is about 100 m from the front office and restaurant. It comes with a view of the mountains and the farm. These rooms are bigger than the ones in the main block. The rooms in the main block have a view of the lake and the valley.

35. What is the distance of the C block or the Annex block from the restaurant?
The C block is about 100 m from the restaurant.

36. How many rooms are in Block A, B, C & D?
  • Block A - 18 rooms.
  • Block B - 12 rooms.
  • Block C - 7 rooms.
  • Block D - 5 rooms.

37. How many guests can stay in a room?
All our rooms are double occupancy rooms. An extra bed can be accommodated in all the rooms.

38. Do all the rooms have a fireplace?
No, only the Luxury Rooms in block C have a fireplace.

39. What are the additional facilities that Destiny offers?
Destiny offers a wide range of premium facilities to ensure our guests a pleasant stay. Some of the facilities are:
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant
  • Library
  • Indoor/outdoor games
  • Kids play area
  • Room service
  • BBQ by the lake
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Tea/coffee makers in rooms
  • Laundry service on request
  • Mocktail bar
  • Conference room
  • Dance floor

40. Where does one fish? Can one go fishing in the lake?
Guests can fish at the pond in the resort. Fishing in the lake is prohibited by law.

41. What is included in the tariff?
Breakfast for two and a few activities.

42. Will someone guide me about the activities at the resort?
Yes. The front office team will do a short orientation about the resort and the activities at the time of check-in.

43. Can we pick fruits & vegetables from the farm?
No. We have something called a Farmer's Market. If you want to participate in the activities of the farm, please get in touch with our reception.

44. What is the cancellation policy at the resort?
• Cancellation received 7 days prior to check-in date - 95% refund (a service charge of 5% will be applicable on the booking amount).
• Less than 7 days prior to the check-in date - No refund.
• Any amendments to bookings will attract a 5% service charge of the booking amount and cancellation policy as applicable.

45. Will there be any charges if I check-out before the scheduled date?
Yes, checking-out before schedule date will attract cancellation charges as applicable.