Activities at Destiny – The Farm Resort

Destiny offers a plethora of fun and engaging activities that make for an unforgettable vacation – one marked by inspiring moments of discovery, adventure, learning and gorgeous views.
For the activities listed below, please contact our reservation desk for assembly points, timings, fees (if applicable) and more details.

Horse Riding

Riding on horseback is perhaps the most charming way to enjoy the beautiful terrains of the Nilgiris. At Destiny, there are many ways in which you can indulge in this leisure activity that helps you stay connected with the beautiful surroundings and this most elegant quadruped.
We have on-campus horse riding, where you can explore the vast expanse of our resort; out-campus horse riding, which is perfect for both beginners and professionals; and cross-country horse riding – a must-try for adventure enthusiasts. We also conduct a fun activity at the resort where one can get to learn the basics of horse coaching.

Guided Tour of the Farms and Farm Animals

At Destiny, you’re in for a unique and authentic farm stay experience. Our fun farm tours led by expert guides introduce children and adults to lesser-known facts about the vegetation grown in the region. You can also get to try your hand at horse grooming, feeding the sheep – oh, a heads-up though, the animals on the farm love photobombing selfies, so, choose the opportune moment to do so.

The Ropes of Endurance Testing

Ziplining, Rock Climbing (artificial included), Monkey Crawling, Rappelling and Jumaring – you get to decide the challenge: going against gravity, along with it or doing just both, for Destiny offers it all! The perfect thrills that test your strength, stamina and patience while keeping the fun high at all times.

Fishing, Nature Walks and Long Treks

While at Destiny, enjoy the stillness and the stirrings of the enchanting Nilgiri biosphere. The resort offers numerous trails that are perfect for Nature Walks in the morning. Our carefully charted Long Trek is for those who want to don their trekking boots for a fun yet thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience. Metres away from the resort is a quaint little pond – the perfect spot for you to try your hand at Fishing. For that, we at Destiny will provide the fishing rods and baits.

Camping and Bonfire

Enjoy the mesmerising views of nature as you camp out in the wilderness. Our team will provide you with all the necessary equipment you need for a wonderful day/ night out camping experience. You can also set up a large bonfire and enjoy a lovely evening with your loved ones, and play some light music to make the most of the moment. And, should you wish, a private bonfire too can be arranged.

Happy Hours: High Tea, Games and Karaoke

Come evening and it’s time to get gregarious – fun indoor games with friends and family with high tea for all. Followed by a fun or funny – you get to decide – karaoke session where you get to sing along to your favourite songs.

Art and Craft

At Destiny, we offer art and craft classes for those who want to try out something that's interesting yet fun, such as the art of Towel Origami which is taught by experts in the field. We also have Quilling and Cookery, classes. The latter is held at the bonfire area near our restaurant.


The Movie Room at Destiny is where our guests can spend some time watching documentary films on the flora and fauna of the Nilgiri biosphere.

Kids Gardening

An activity exclusively for kids — here children can learn more about plants and the basics of gardening. Quite a few life lessons for them to pick up here.