Pets at Destiny- The farm Resort

Destiny - The Farm Resort welcomes your furry friends with the following pet-friendly options and associated charges:
  1. Pets must be kept on a leash at all timed when outside the room and must not be left unattened.
  2. Pets are not allowed inside the restaurant and lobby.
  3. Pets need to have a bite mask on during the transfer in the resort vehicle.
  4. Package 1 - INR 1,500 + tax per pet per night – includes kennel facility & portable kennels for the room if required, food charges are extra.
  5. Package 2 - INR 2,500 + tax per pet per night - Includes three meals for the pet with an average serving of 250 grams per meal, kennel facility & portable kennels for the room if required.
  • Choice of food for the pets - Choose any one item for a meal, included with the pet charges for package 2:
  1. Pedigree
  2. Boiled Chicken
  3. Boiled Egg
  4. Boiled Vegetables
  5. Boiled rice with Yogurt / Boiled Vegetables /Boiled Egg
  6. Oats with Milk
  7. Mashed Potato