Testimonials - Cintacor Island Resort

Explore real guest reviews of Cintacor Resort. Learn why our bespoke service, gourmet cuisine, and serene nature trails make every stay unforgettable.


Sharmila & Amit Arora:

"I had heard of Cintacor but was blown away by the actual private island ... starting from the ride to the island and guessing which island it was a fairly new property. Each room was done up beautifully, and the views that perched us just above the ocean and the infinity pool had us just gazing into the sunset every day. And the Konkani cuisine food—fresh from the sea - grilled kingfish and crabs and prawns and white pomphret - served at Nemos deck that’s a frame out of 20,000 leagues under the sea. We played darts and carrom and scrabble at Jolly Rogers.

The early morning nature trails to mystery creek, the Forrest of creepers and the whale bone skeleton - just unreal to pack so much rest and adventure into 3 short nights. We enjoyed not one but 2 candlelight dinners and a wonderful cruise that had view frolicking dolphins.

Saraffin, Benny and Senthil the cook specially mentioned for an absolutely wonderful stay. The kids rated this holiday our best ever. And we have been to gorgeous places across malaysia vietnam and Thailand!)

Definitely going back again and again - it’s just a surreal experience"


Sumathi M, ZestMoney:

"I recently had the pleasure of organizing a team outing for my company ZestMoney at Cintacor, Karwar and I must say, it exceeded all expectations. From the moment we arrived, the staff greeted us warmly and ensured every detail of our stay was taken care of.

The ambience of the resort was truly remarkable. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, it provided the perfect backdrop for relaxation and team bonding. Whether we were lounging by the pool or exploring the nearby trails, every moment felt rejuvenating.

Overall, our experience at Cintacor was nothing short of extraordinary. I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone looking to unwind, recharge, and create lasting memories with their team. Thank you to the entire staff for an unforgettable experience!"


Ms Tumpi & Mr Suraj:

"Our stay at resort was absolutely splendid. The staff were incredibly warm and welcoming, making us feel at home from the get-go. The variety of delicious food options was a real treat for our taste buds, catering to every possible craving. (Specially Mr. Wesley)
Mr Wesley (Hotel manager was awesome). The resort's serene ambiance, with its must-do nature trail and dolphin sighting, offered a tranquil escape into nature's embrace.

In essence, this resort is a perfect blend of comfort, culinary delight and natural beauty."