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Welcome to The Littlearth Group - adventure resorts and theme hotels

Panaromic hill views. Endless Arabian Sea. A blossoming orchard. Nestled amidst these scenic landscapes are sites of absolute comfort, tranquillity and warm hospitality — the Littlearth properties.

Wake up to the best experiences in the embrace of nature and culture. With us, your holiday can be anything you want it to be.

Our Not-So-Little Experiences

Cintacor Island Resort

Surrounded by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, this secluded private island is a serene getaway with sun and sand for company. (Well, with a few adorable turtles here, and majestic dolphins there).

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Destiny - The Farm Resort

Far away from prying eyes, against the lush green Nigiris, and glistening waters of the Emerald Lake, is a tiny world where you and nature live together in harmony - The Destiny Farm Resort.

King’s Cliff

Oh, to live in a huge mansion and experience the romance of regal life! That is exactly what King’s Cliff is all about. The perfect place to press pause on a busy life.

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The Mangifera

The sweet scent of the blossoming fruit trees, the call of wildlife from the neighbouring Bandipur National Park, and the soul relaxed having found its space with nature. This is The Mangifera.


A captivating mansion shrouded in mystery, encompassed by lofty hills and mist-covered valleys. Awaken your senses to the enigmatic allure that our namesake – Sherlock — experienced with his unique cases.

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The Littlearth Experience

view of our resort at night


An oasis of tranquillity and unwavering generosity, the Littlearth resorts offer you a much-needed respite from busy lives. Located within the heart of nature surrounded by wilderness and wonder, it’s a world of indulgence, one you needn’t shy away from.

interior of the restaurant at cintacor island resort


Immerse yourself in a supreme culinary expedition, with Littlearth’s exquisite dining spaces. From fine dining wonders to quaint little cafes to multi-cuisine delights, each space promises a unique experience while leaving your tastebuds dancing.

Come, explore what Littlearth has to offer!