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Four flavours of comfort

 We've tried our best to make your stay comfortable in every way. Our 35 rooms are furnished with warm wooden flooring, country furniture and many have working fireplaces. It's luxury in the country, with a view to die for, especially if you've woken up before the sun gently warms away the clouds below. 

Rooms are named based on themes, representing the nature and flavour of Destiny.

Planet Savers

People who have shown us what's wrong about how we live in the world, pushing for change, against all odds. From Rachel Carson to Jane Goodall.

Great Explorers

Dedicated to those who had the courage to take a leap, and go beyond their known borders to discover new lands. From Captain Cook to Marco Polo.

Wild West

The idea of country-style ranch living is brought alive by the magic of the wild west, with adventure, horses and the simple, yet often controversial life. Buffalo Bill to Jesse James.

Men of Nature

These are the ones who gave us the breakthroughs in science that today shape how our world evolves. From Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, to Carl Linnaeus, the father of scientific nomenclature.

Standard Room
Take in the view of the mountains and lake, from the comfort of your room. The real wooden floors add warmth, while the large twin bed can be joined together or set apart at will. There's even a roomy sitout, to enjoy the pleasant Destiny weather.
Deluxe Room
Choose between the breathtaking lake facing rooms, or the stunning mountain facing rooms - a difficult decision, but one that's just as rewarding, whichever you pick. Admire the scenic beauty of the lake from your private sitout, or watch the clouds rolling in over the mountains from the comfort of your living room.
Superior Room
The crisp mountain air, the stunning views, the picturesque lake, and the beautiful mountains - soak it all in from your private, open sitout. Or retire to your room and enjoy the warm tones of real wood as you sip a hot cuppa.
Luxury Room
The luxury rooms afford you the choice of spectacular views of the mountains, and panoramic vistas of the lake. Just as the views compete in grandeur, the rooms themselves are also equally well-appointed, with elegant interiors, cosy throw rugs, and spacious sitouts. Mountain-facing rooms also adjoin an open balcony with cafe-style seating.
Great food for great memoriesDestiny Dine Plate
 What's life without good food. Both our restaurants offer a variety of cuisine to try. Cooked with fresh vegetables and herbs that you can pick from the farm, our Chefs aim to please. Needless to say, you can't really go anywhere else to eat, except, well... down by the lake!